Monday, August 01, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Why Hewlett Packard Stopped Selling the Apple iPod

10. Yes, it is just to make anything Carly did look bad

9. Fearful of being indicted in CIA Leak case; Rumor out that someone download Valerie Plame info to an iPod

8. Since it fit both companies, doing the PR on the "founded in a garage" thing was getting messy

7. Too many HP employees were blogging about them; Afraid of being sued by Apple

6. Mark Hurd never got the hang of downloading the iTunes; Kept crashing his computer

5. Has new whiz-bang product coming out that will let users HPcast

4. Okay, it was a really, really bad deal that Carly made

3. Steve Jobs' turtlenecks didn't fit HP Dress Code

2. Getting too many returns from HP customers, who thought they were new ink cartridges

1. Has announcement coming; New deal with NCR to sell cash registers that play music

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