Monday, September 26, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard During Dick Cheney's Surgery

10. Think he'll invite us if he has a party over at the Secret Bunker?

9. No trouble if anything goes wrong … Nobody's seen him for months anyway …

8. I think he's waking up … He keeps mumbling something about "Bianca"

7. Let's tease him … Give him the pair of crutches, the one with one shorter than the other

6. Is that the President out in the waiting room, reading a children's book?

5. Jeez, even knocked out, he keeps that snarl on his face

4. Is his insurance paying for this or can we bilk FEMA for it?

3. Let's give him a tattoo!

2. Anybody got a camera cell phone on them? We could make a killing on eBay …

1. Who's doing the stitching? Remember, he wants them to read "Halliburton Rules"

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