Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Vice President Cheney Told Conservatives He Did To Get President Away From Harriet Miers

10. Got Tom DeLay indicted, hoping to slow down President

9. Called New Orleans Republicans to see if they could get President stranded or trapped there during next visit

8. Rigged the baseball playoffs so Houston advances to League Championship

7. Underwent "life-threatening surgery" as a means to distract President

6. Had Secret Service keep President locked in Oval Office under the guise of a 'security breach'

5. Mexican music was piped into Oval Office, thinking it would influence President to name Gonzales

4. Kept dropping subliminal hints that Presidnet should "name Edith"

3. Repeatedly tried to get President drunk so he and Rove could forge documents with good conservative nominee

2. Brought in James Earl Jones to intone over White House PA system that the Higher Father wants him to pick Pricella Owens

1. Got Halliburton to promise President "millions" if he went with Cheney as his nominee

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