Monday, January 09, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Ted Koppel Moving To Discovery Channel

10. Hoping Bush invades Iran; Itching to say again "America In Crisis, Day One …"

9. Look in Discovery Channel Store for new, educational jigsaw puzzle of Koppel's hair

8. Two Words: Koppel Chopper

7. Broadcasts from jungle; Because of tight production budgets, may have to share set with Animal Planet

6. ABC has copyright, so new program will be called 'When It's Dark Out Line"

5. Holy Shit! Just discovered he resigned from ABC!

4. Getting extra money to have shark as co-host

3. Could still jump to HBO; Offering he can star in second season of "Rome"

2. Since he's on cable now, doesn't have to wear pants when anchoring

1. First three-hour, hard-hitting special will examine Anderson Cooper's emotions

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