Monday, October 02, 2006

Vote For Who Is The Worst U.S. President

Vote For Who Is The Worst U.S. President

The Garlic wants to bring your attention to fellow blogger Edward Copeland and his newly-launched survey.

Just in time, as the stretch run for the Midterms begins to open up, Copeland, on his blog "Copeland Institute for Lower Learning", is launching a survey on who the worst president has been.

In an email, Copeland suggests “It is the great debate.”

“How bad a president is Dubya? I presume that most people who regularly roam around here agree that he is not a good one, but the question remains how bad is he? Is he the worst since Warren Harding? James Buchanan (Keith Olbermann's pick)? Worst ever? So, to bide our time until the midterms arrive, I've decided to launch a survey to decide the question.

Take time to make a visit and join in to cast your vote.

Dubya is the worst president since ...

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