Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Signs That Christmas Is Coming In The White House

News Item: Presidential Message: Christmas 2006

10. Miss USA dropped by, with a little too much Holiday Cheer for the Bush Twins

9. All of Scooter Libby’s Subpoenas have been hung by the fire with care

8. Everyone is mournfully reminiscing about the great gifts they used to get from Jack Abramoff

7. Josh Bolten has started coming to work dressed - completely - like an elf

6. President Bush took his own advice about shopping and is banging away on “The Google”, looking for some gifts

5. Staff is using the Iraq Study Group Report for wrapping paper

4. CIA decks out the plane and prison they use for Extraordinary Renditions to look like the Polar Express

3. Condi Rice has parked herself under some mistletoe, and mumbling about snaring herself a husband

2. Vice President Cheney is resigned to his usual Christmas - His stocking stuffed with stocks in Coal companies

1. President keeps calling the Postmaster General every hour, asking if his letter to Santa Claus has been delivered

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