Saturday, April 07, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Having Rachel Ray Planning Your Prom

News Item: Rachael Ray helps whip up prom after tornado

10. Early night - Prom only lasts 30-minutes

9. Cost of prom tickets includes bottle of Rachael Ray All-Italian EVOO

8. Music group for the night is bogus - only instruments are spoons

7. Rachel lectures you on the 103 things you can do with the leftover food

6. Tanya Zuckerbrot spends the night, tugging at your clothes, trying to read the labels

5. Emeril Lagasse shows up and keeps yelling "BAM" in your ear all night

4. For any kids that lose their lunch, no problem, Rachel just whips them up another

3. Competition - Martha Stewart got wind of it and she's built a way cool bigger and better prom - using only crepe paper, package of tinsel and empty maple syrup jars

2. Six different girls all claim they made out with the "Food Network talent scout" from the "Unwrapped" show

1. Saving a lot of money - Able to do flowers, limo and post-prom dinner for less than $40

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