Friday, May 18, 2007

Okay Wolfie, Hit It! ... New Garlic Song For The Wolf Man

Well, chalk another notch in the Bush Legacy.

One of the primo Iraq Invasion and Occupation salesmen is hitting the bricks, deciding in his follow-up career, much like the oil would pay for the devastation of Iraq in his previous', that he would pay for himself, and his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, the World Bank picking up the tab on this one.

Yeah, The Commander Guy will turn himself into "The Banking Guy" and replace Wolfie, as many have speculated, with the lackey across the Atlantic, outgoing British PM Tony Blair (and, blowing on our finger tips, The Garlic had them beat on this a week ago).

But you gotta love the balls on this guy.

First, he has to be one of only a few that gets the company, pretty much out in the open, to pay for his mistress.

Then, he stammers and stutters, not giving in until he gets his solid gold parachute, to the tune of upwards of $400,000.

America ... Ya gotta love it ...

So, in honor of the incredible hijacking - of ethics and money - we salute, as we have so many others in the Bush Grindhouse, with a Garlic Song.

We turn tonight to the All American Songbook, and Jazz classic, Green Dolphin Street (written in 1947, by Bronislau Kaper & Ned Washington)

Sing or hum along!

The World Bank

Shaha one lovely day
Wolfie came planning to stay
The World Bank supplied the setting
The setting for a pay raise beyond forgetting

And though my ethics fell apart
$400K can sure fix my heart
When I recall the moohla I found on
I could kiss the board on
The World Bank

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