Friday, July 20, 2007

Hold The Phone! ... He Can't Be President, He's Not Part of The Executive Branch ...

I can't believe that the stock market didn't crash, the Emergency Broadcast System, didn't, with blaring beeps, take over our televisions and Washington DC become paralyzed in Constitutional gridlock.

With the news today that The Decider/The Commander Guy/The Shakespeare Guy will undergo a Colonoscopy (is this the yearly clean-out of the bile he spews, in place of reasoned thought and sound policy?), which, for a number of hours, places Darth Vader, aka, Vice President Richard B. Cheney with the Presidential Powers.

Couldn't Bush just have done another Signing Statement to say he had his Colonoscopy?

Perhaps we should add the Iranian citizens bolting down the hatches and running for cover tomorrow.

Better hold off on filling up that memoir Nancy Pelosi... And Harry Reid can run out to Bed, Bath and Beyond for some new sheets to go on the cots they should be rolling back in tonight.

If no one believed we have been in a Constitutional Crises, this scenario certainly creates one.

Cheney to become president…briefly?

Wasn't it just a mere few weeks ago that Cheney indicated, in order to avoid some benign oversight, that he wasn't part of the Executive Branch?

If that is the case, as the Bush Grindhouse agreed, than the Speaker of the House, the aforementioned Ms. Pelosi, should get the to hold the parchment and wear the secret decoder ring this weekend.

Maybe this is why the Bush Grindhouse came out today with that bizare legel mumble-jumble about they - The Grindhouse - can't be prosecuted by the DOJ for Contempt of Congress.

How about Contempt of the Constitution? Contempt of the Country?

Granted, it may be for only a few hours, but, jeez, the way Cheney operates with that stealth secrecy, he could kick start that Armageddon he's been practicing for before you finish mowing the lawn.

If you do straighten this out Nancy, and you get to sit in the big chair, how's about putting all this on that table you don't want to put anything on?

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"He could kick start that Armageddon he's been practicing for before you finish mowing the lawn."

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