Monday, August 20, 2007

Sad News Today ... The Passing of Vocalist Jon Lucien

Last week, it was Max Roach... Today, first news that popped up when I opened my email was that of the passing of the great vocalist, Jon Lucien.

His singing was like musically poetry, creatively being more than words, but also painting a vivid image, building its own, lush atmosphere.

If he were breaking out today, he would likely, and quite erroneously, be shoehorned into the "smooth jazz" category.

Lucien sang romance and ballads with the best of them, and was brilliant at fusing Jazz, Latin and World riffs into his music, his rich baritone voice taking you on a peaceful journey.

When I pulled up his site, the music played, and the first three tunes - Rashida, Lady Love, and Dindi (Lucien's is my second favorite rendition; The late Willie Bobo has what I consider the best) - just took me back ...

In the 70's and 80's, and I lived in a few different cities to know, Jazz DJ's all over had Lucien in their rotations. And it always brought a smile, and a good feeling, when one of his tunes popped up.

Take a visit to his website, and leave it up in a window for a little while, to soak up the sounds ...

Jon Lucien Website

Didn't find any MSM Obit, or other news of the passing, so you can check these out;

JazzCorner: Jon Lucien RIP

All About Jazz: Jon Lucien RIP

Update Wed 22 August

Well, it took a few days for the MSM to catch up.

New York Times: Jon Lucien, Smooth Singer of Mellow Jazz and Soul, Dies at 65

Denver Post: Jazz great Jon Lucien dies at 65

Miami Herald: JON LUCIEN, 65, Jazz singer, song composer, musician

JazzTimes: Singer Jon Lucien Dies at 65


soulbrotha said...

He will be sadly missed. He could paint such a sensual musical image with the lyrics of a song.

As for "Dindi", I guess it depends on which version is heard first or which one struck a chord with the listener. For me, Lucien's version is the definitive one. It was like he was telling a secret directly to me. R.I.P Jon.

13909 Antiques said...


Thanks for reading an commenting ... I hear you about Dindi ... Willie Bobo's is also a plaintive cry from the heart ...

Sad, sad loss ...


Anonymous said...

Just found out Jon had passed over= a sweet soul and singer I was inspired over 20 years ago as a Jazz singer myself, by his interpretation of DINDI.deliciuosly slow ballad to sing -feels so good and right at this tempo instead of the ususlmod upbeat Bossa tempo it was written in.
His version slow,and soulful is simply devine.
I will miss him but his voice lives on forever thanks to the internet. Oh Jon thank you.