Sunday, February 03, 2008

Say "Happy Anninversary" To The Garlic, and, also, Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Phew! ...

Three-years, and over 1,500 posts ...

On one hand, if you asked me 3.5-years ago, that I would sit, toiling away nearly everyday, attempting (admittedly, some days are better than others) to be creative, to be entertaining and then posting whatever I produced on-line, out into the World Wide Web, I would likely have said " Get outta here! ...

And yet, on the other hand ...Only 1,500+ posts ... What a feeble effort ... Time to move the computer down into the kitchen ... Master some voice-recognition software and just write and blog non-stop ...

It's been a gas! ...

While I have had certain challenges, particularly this past year, it still manages to get done ... Sparks ignite and, even through some rough periods, The Garlic plods along ...

An enormous, gigantic THANK YOU!, to all the readers, to all the other bloggers who have linked, or plugged The Garlic or, otherwise, gave valuable advice and assistance...

We well endeavor to carry on ... To keep The Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel growing and, hopefully, entertaining ...


And the anniversary this year happily collides with Blogroll Amnesty Day.

It seems, as the story goes, some of the liberal Big Dog "A List" bloggers began dissing the smaller liberal "Little Guy B-List" bloggers, booting them off their Link Lists and creating a echo chamber of just the Big Dogs.

Jon Swift wrote about it here

Skippy The Kangaroo picks up the banner (quite literally - thanks Skip!)

Carl, and Michael Stickings have some posts up over on The Reaction on it.

And Shaun Mullen, over on Kikos House posts on it as well

The Garlic, I believe, can say that sharing has been at our heart since the beginning.

While our Link List is modest (at least, in relation to a good many other blogs), without counting, I would hazard to say it is populated by more "B List" people than the Big Dogs.

While they have trickled down to a handful-per-month, The Garlic used to be flooded with the requests to exchange links, often, those queries looked boilerplate, the sender, doubtful to have actually read The Garlic before making said request (and, when I did go out to their sites, to see what they were about ...Well, they were more about links, than content).

The Garlic chose not to play that game, to become a link whore, solely to push up the ratings on the bevy of measurement sites.

The Garlic's Link List is comprised of sites that The Garlic likes ... That The Garlic reads and, hopefully, our readers will find similar interest in them.

More importantly, we believe, once we learned how to tag (link) in our posts, it was pedal-to-the-metal ...

Regular readers know that The Garlic liberally tags in its' posts, and, yes, at times to Big Dogs and MSM, but just as often, if not more so, to "the little guys" ... People with great posts, tremendous viewpoints, or just flat out entertaining ...

So, as we hurtle into Year 4, there'll be no change in that ... Or, the change will be to increase the sharing, the highlighting of others out here in the blogosphere, on the World Wide Web ...

The Garlic encourages you to click on those links embedded in the posts, or take a scroll down the right sidebar and visit those on the Link Lists ... Think of it as a "high tech Sunday drive", like when we were kids, packed into the station wagon to go off somewhere we had no idea about ...

And, when you do that, and you find that you enjoy it, bookmark, make regular visits, add them (and The Garlic) to your RSS feed list

Once again, Thank You, for visiting and reading The Garlic!

Let's Make It Easy For You

Save this post, as we have replicated The Garlic's Link Lists for you ... Spend some time today, and during the week of exploring the sites and finding others that you like, that thrill you, entertain you and otherwise enlighten you.


Barry Crimmins


TenTen Graphic Design

A VC - Fred Wilson

Nick Zanio - The Optimistic Curmudgeon

The Savvy Girls of Summer


Steven Wright

Lenny Bruce

Dennis Perrin - A Red State Son

Martin Lewis

Emily Singer

Jim Sullivan


The Huffington Post

Eat The Press

Huff It


Common Dreams

Citizen Hunter - Flavia Colgen


Think Progress

The Reaction

The Raw Story

The Nation

The Moderate Voice



Dan Kennedy's Media Nation

Crooks and Liars


Democracy Now

James Wolcott


Citizen Orange

Salon's Blog Report


The Carpetbagger Report

The Populist Blog

Rasmussen Reports


Keith Olbermann

The News Hole - The Blog of Countdown

Copeland Institute for Lower Learning

Seeing The Forest

Tom Dispatch


Assimilated Press


Donna Barstow Cartoons

Ted Rall

Paul Szep


The Largest Minority

A Tiny Revolution

Anonymous Liberal


Shaun Mullen - Kiko's House

I Am TRex


Immigration Orange

Larisa Alexandrovna's at-largely

Talking Points Memo

The (liberal)Girl Next Door

State of the Day


Larry Johnson's No Quarter

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers

The Joseph and Valerie Wilson Legal Support Trust

Online Integrity



Chasing Ghosts

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Appeal For Redress

National Priorities Project - The Cost of War

Thank You Lt. Watada


Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory

After Downing Street

Let's Try Democracy - Writings by David Swanson

The Smirking Chimp


The Peace Abbey

Stop Global Warming

Baghdad Burning


Just Foreign Policy

Stop Iran War


Air America Radio

ABC's Brian Ross

The Sleuth - Mary Ann Akers ...Behind the Scenes in Washington

The Caucus Blog

Crawford List - An independent, nonpartisan blog on media & politics


Current TV

Charlie Rose Show

Bill Moyers Journal

CNN Situation Room




Good Morning Silicon Valley

San Jose Mercury News

The Washington Post

Editor and Publisher

Los Angeles Times

Chicago Tribune

The Hill

Congressional Quarterly

(If anyone wants to replicate these Link Lists, contact me and I will be happy to send them to you, coded and ready to paste)


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