Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP George Carlin ... And Start The Investigation

I believe we need an immediate investigation.

Yes, conspiracy.

George Carlin dead, at the beginning of the biggest, most important election in decades?

Before the Summer TV Reality shows?

Before gasoline goes over $5/gallon?

A mere coincidence?

Strap on your tinfoil hats and here's where to start.

What was the eighth word you can't say on television doing last evening? ... Does it have a alibi? ... You might as well round-up the ninth and tenth words as well ... This would have been too big a job for just the eighth word to pull off by itself ...

It's long been rumored that they were jealous, even bitter, that Carlin didn't include them.

And, you have to look at any other words that may have been acting suspicious lately.

This has to be a pretty big operation, so, maybe, the words had some help.

Better haul in the Multiplication Tables, and Periodic Charts, for grilling, as well.

This is big!


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