Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Ways John McCain Isn't Like Herbert Hoover

News Item: With ‘fundamentals are strong’ comments, McCain borrows Hoover’s Depression-era rhetoric

10. Pretty sure Hoover knew how many houses he had

9. Hoover's wife wasn't lifting recipes off the Internet (Okay, there was no Internet, but she wouldn't have done it, anyway)

8. Hoover didn't have Joe Lieberman around, to whisper correct answers to him

7. Hoover went to Standford, McCain didn't (Though, it may be one of the colleges Sarah Palin spent a minute at)

6. Press of the day wasn't bringing Hoover boxes of donuts

5. Hoover, as best as we can tell, didn't claim to invent radio, shortwave radio, or the telegraph (McCain's camp claimed him to have invented the Blackberry)

4. Hoover could, correctly and knowledgeably, make reference to "Czechoslovakia"

3. Hoover didn't blame the Depression on his being in a POW prison for five-years

2. Sturgis Biker Rally hadn't been launched yet, so, Hoover couldn't have attempted to whore his wife out

1. Hoover couldn't have selected a "Sarah Palin" for his VP - Alaska wasn't a state yet

Bonus Hoover-McCain-Same Economy Riffs

Kathy at Comments From Left Field: Herbert Hoover Said It First

Eric Rauchway: McCain's Dangerous Do-Nothing Economics; The Great Depression was caused not by a stock crash but by a banking system left to self-destruct by a conservative president who, like John McCain today, insisted that the economy's "fundamentals" were strong

Paul Krugman: Fundamentals

Think Progress: FLASHBACK: In 2007, McCain Admitted He ‘Did Not’ Anticipate Financial Crisis

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things John McCain Thinks Are "Fundamentally Sound"

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