Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Citigroup Keeping Stadium Sponsorship After Getting Government Bailout

News Item: Heckuva Bailout: Citi and AIG Still Pay Hundreds Of Millions In Sports Sponsorship

10. Instead of 'Fan Appreciation Day', now will be called 'Hank Paulson Appreciation Day'

9. Make fans give back foul balls hit in stands, because Citigroup needs to "tighten belt and save money"

8. When starting pitcher is relieved, now will be referred to as being "bailed out"

7. Soon comes evident ... Free Agent Signing Season on one hand ... Major layoffs at Citigroup on the other hand

6. Citigroup making one concession - Killing plans that would allow execs to fly to stadium in their private jets

5. "Casey at the Bat" now gets reworked to "Casey at the Bank" and it's a happy ending - Casey doesn't strike out, but walks away with billions

4. Citigroup to sub-contract parking lot to AIG... AIG hires people to vandalize cars ... AIG then sells fans new "Vandalism Insurance Policy"

3. Instead of ceremonial "first pitch", Citigroup execs will do ceremonial reenactment of receiving bailout check from Government

2. New 7th Inning stretch tradition - Players and Citigroup shakedown fans in stadium, making them fork over money to see the game finished ...

1. Using their "expertise", Citigroup to make millions ... Working on packaging troubled batting averages and selling them to investors

Bonus Bogus Bailout Riffs

Think Progress: Bailed-out companies AIG, Citibank have no plans to cancel expensive sports sponsorships

Michael Winter: Citi, AIG will continue sports sponsorships despite bailouts

Robert Reich: Citigroup Scores

Tyler Cowen: Whoops! Back to TARP after all...

Brilliant at Breakfast: So why DID we just throw a truckload of money at Citigroup then?

The Wonk Room: Citigroup Bailout: ‘A Lousy Deal For The Taxpayers’

Mark Thoma: The Citigroup Bailout

Bonus Bonus

Special Essay - Play Ball! ... Batter Up! ... Could You Please Tell Me, What Is This Thing Called Baseball?

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