Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Steven Wright Being Inducted Into Boston Comedy Hall of Fame

News Item: John Tobin on the new Boston Comedy Hall of Fame

10. Steven's thinking about leveraging the Hall of Fame induction, into getting to fill Obama's Senate seat

9. Steven's unsure on, since it's a "virtual" Hall of Fame, to deliver his acceptance speech in person, or via hologram

8. It's a "virtual" Hall of Fame ... Something Steven is familiar with ... Last year, he made an investment, buying timeshares in a virtual Condominium ... He gets two-weeks in September

7. All of his friends, that used to work as clowns in the circus, are going to the ceremony ... But in separate cars

6. It's cutting it close to Christmas, a busy time for Steven ... He likes to wrap his Christmas gifts in sod, but it takes a ton of scotch tape to keep it on

5. Another Christmas fact about Steven ... He puts up two Christmas trees every year ... A real tree, and an artificial one ... And, every year, he gets gifts, from the real Santa, and a department store Santa Claus

4. The ceremony is taking place in the theatre at Patriot Place ... Steven's worried about Bill Belichick videotaping him, surreptitiously

3. Steven may protest the event, calling for the members of the Old Negro Comedy League to be inducted also

2. Steven is a little worried about being inducted into a "virtual" Hall of Fame ... Feels it may overexpose him in the Time-Space Continuum ... And it really pisses of the Sims people!

1. Steven's never really liked Hall of Fames ... Thinks the mirrors in them make him look too famous

Editor's Note

While we attempt to have fun with this, it is no joke.

Steven Wright is the inaugural inductee to the new Boston Comedy Hall of Fame.

From Nick Zaino's Boston Comedy - Funny Grown Here;

There is a hall of fame for just about everything these day. Every sport has one, every form of music. So why not Boston comedy? Boston City Councilor John Tobin asked a similar question in a conversation with his friend, Spark Capital’s Todd Dagres. The two decided to create the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame, which will induct its first member, Steven Wright, at a local all-star ceremony at Showcase Live on December 15.

Wright was an obvious choice. The Boston scene was already swinging when Wright made his first appearance on “The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson” in 1982, but his obvious talent led people to start looking for talent here. And since Tobin was looking for a comedian who “has made significant and lifelong contributions to the art of stand-up comedy,” Wright was perfect. “That was easy and unanimous,” he says. “Steven Wright is the obvious first choice in a long line of future inductees.” He adds that if Wright hadn’t agreed to it, they wouldn’t have gone forward.

The line-up for the show reflects Wright’s importance in the Boston comedy community. Tony V. will host the ceremony, which will include performances by Don Gavin, Barry Crimmins, Steve Sweeney, Mike Donovan, Mike McDonald, Lenny Clarke, Ken Rogerson, and Jimmy Tingle, with a video from “When Stand Up Stood Out” director Fran Solomita.
Congratulations Mr. Wight!

You can visit the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame, for tickets and information HERE

Visit Steven Wright's website HERE

Bonus Bonus

Some early Steven Wright

1980's Stand Up Comedy "Steven Wright"

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