Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Did This Crack Through?

Boy, you would have thought, between the Obama Inauguration (and the continuing Right Wing Freak Show flap, over the Oath of Office), President Obama's spectacular first-day-on-the-job, and the bursting news of Caroline Kennedy's "My Sister-My Daughter" Senatorial foray, any other news would be sitting, collecting dust.

Ahhh, but we do have a winner, one of the best headlines seen, since the World Weekly News shut down;

Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle

Former French president Jacques Chirac was rushed to hospital after being mauled by his own 'clinically depressed' pet dog.

The 76-year-old statesman was savaged by his white Maltese dog - which suffers from frenzied fits and is being treated with anti-depressants.


We were already aware the animal was unpredictable and is actually being treated with pills for depression.

'My husband was bitten quite badly, but he is certain to make a full recovery over the coming weeks.'

The former French First Lady did not reveal where on his body Chirac was bitten.

The pet, named after the Japanese form of wrestling, was a gift to the Chiracs from their grandson Martin.

Hmmm ... One clue might checking the Last Will and Testament, or Living Will, and see if a certain grandson is in line to make a haul.

Or, maybe the help was teaching little Sumo some "tricks".

Then again, there was Chirac, and his popularity.

One commenter to the story wrote that they would "like to send the dog a present".

Another wrote;
How I hate those yappy, snappy looking mutts these French love to drag everywhere they go. I once saw a lady savaged around the ankle by one of those ratty looking terrier things - she walked past a table in a cafe and the thing leapt out from under it's owner's table.
I smell a deliciously comical, cinematic, French Farce coming down the pike, which, just may happen to have a corporate leader, or politician, in the lead, the owner of a snapping, vicious, feisty little chienne

Too bad Jacques Tati isn't still around.

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