Monday, June 08, 2009

A Head-Shaker, For Sure ...

Way back when, one was taught the "5 W's of Journalism" (Who, What, When, Where, and Why - with some throwing in an "H", for How).

For this one, we have to add another - WTF!

NY Car Ticketed Repeatedly With Dead Body Inside

The daughter of 58-year-old George Morales wants everyone to remember her handyman father in a different way, not as a decomposed body found in a van under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Wednesday. He'd been dead a month, in a van with four parking tickets.


Morales' daughter said her father left their apartment in Washington Heights on May 5 in a van owned by a friend. George Morales was headed for Long Island, but he just vanished.

His daughter suspects George Morales, who suffered from diabetes and heart problems, may have felt ill, and pulled off the road for a nap. A window was cracked. The odor became overpowering. After the car was ticketed each Monday for a month, a marshal, about to tow the van, noticed a body in the back seat.
I sure hope this isn't a case, of the ticket writers, be it NYPD, a meter maid, or someone from the N.Y. Traffic Dept. - particularly, from Week #2, and after - seeing (and, no doubt, smelling) the dead body and doing a "Not My Job" thing (at minimum, they could have hit a pay phone and made an anonymous call).

I mean, you gotta shake your head, and ask, how do you not notice a body, a dead body, sitting in car?

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karen marie said...

this is not as uncommon as you might think.

I was living at 323 Beacon Street in the early '80s and working downtown, in Post Office Square. Every day I walked between the two, via the Public Garden. One day, some time in maybe '82, on my way home at 5 o'clock, as I was walking through the Garden, about half way from Charles to Arlington on the Beacon Street side, I saw several police cars and a bunch of people clustered around a parked car.

There was a dead man in the driver seat. Parking enforcement had ticketed the dead man at least twice.