Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Few Things Lost, Mr. Christian!

Good Morning Garlic Fans

Just wanted to check in, as we are still immersed in our Homefront situation, spending the bulk of our time since Wednesday at the hospital (and, boy, this hospital stay has been full of mishaps, and lost items)

The 96-year-old Aunt that is the subject of this, and the many other Homefront posts, is doing well and resting comfortable, however, it is likely that she will be needing a period of Rehab following this hospital stay.

What is at stake is her ability to continue to walk.

The problem may be physical, however, there are signs that this latest turn may be due to a marked increase in dementia.

So, this means posting new material will continue to be erratic for the next few days (minimum), as our schedule will be unsettled.

If all goes well today, I do plan of getting up a few posts, later in the day

As always, our thanks for visiting, and reading, The Garlic.

Additionally, in the absence of fresh material, there's a bevy of good stuff down the left- hand sidebar, from highlighted, and favorite posts, and links to other great blogs and websites that you should be checking out.


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