Sunday, September 06, 2009

"That's What Canino Said To Little Jonesy ..."

Well, we need to walk around out here a bit, get our bearings, as it has been awhile.

A super-sized Lo Siento, Garlic Fans, for our disappearance this past week.

Now, nothing as the title of the post may suggest, as complicated as 'The Big Sleep' plot, and who killed Sean Regan.

Look angel, I'm tired. My jaw hurts and my ribs ache. I killed a man back there and I had to stand by when a harmless little guy was killed. Do you think I can tell them all that happened because Geiger tried to throw a loop over Carmen? If I tell them that, they'll swarm over your house so fast that every closet you and your family have been in for the last six years will look like a police convention. They'll all ask the same question - where's Sean Regan? Why did Eddie Mars hide his wife to make it look like she ran off with Regan? Why did you hide out there? You're playing with dynamite.
Merely, we had multiple things happening on the homefront, and for a few of the AWOL Days, we didn't even fire up the computer, between dealing with what needed to be dealt with, piled on by major allergies, and just, at the end of the day, being bone-dead tired (perhaps the Full Moon at the end of the week kicked in something, as well).

We're planning on getting back into the groove tomorrow, so hang in there - fresh copy is in the pipeline.

As always, Mucho Thanks for visiting The Garlic.

Bonus Bonus

Since teasing this post with 'The Big Sleep' ....

The Big Sleep Trailer

The Big Sleep - music scene

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