Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's a "Who Dat" Kind of World Now!

We took it kind of easy today, being, after all, that it was Super Sunday.

Also, we had to give ourselves a "head-slap", for missing, earlier this past week, noting our 5th Anniversary of writing The Garlic, as well as hitting our 3,400th post.

Ahhh, but that be nothin'.

The big news today (aside from Wannabe Teabagger Den Mother, Sarah Palin, and her magical set of hands), is that the New Orleans Saints beat (whipped - outscoring the Colts 31-7 over the last three quarters) the Indianapolis Colts tonight, 31-17, ending a 42-year drought for the historically beleaguered franchise.

They can leave the "Aint's" behind, and shuffle up into Payton Manning's face, bellowing, joyously "Who Dat!".

As we posted earlier, to Facebook and Twitter, "A lot of Super Bowl workers getting big OT Pay tonight - Having to pack away all those "Peyton Manning Best Ever" crates ..."

Dave Weigal ReTweeted that "Haitians about to get a shipment of Colts Super Bowl Champion T-Shirts."

Manning, heh, heh, threw the game-killing interception, trailing, at the time, by only 7-points, and on a march downfield, as Tracy Porter returned the pic 75-yards for a touchdown, sealing the deal.

And, Saints QB Drew Brees was named MVP of the game.

The most clutch play ever, perhaps, in a Super Bowl, however, goes to Saints Coach Sean Payton, for making the call to go with an On-Side kick, for the Second Half kick-off, recovered by the Saints, and they just stole, from that point on, all the momentum away from the Colts.

A little partying, maybe, huh?

Barry Crimmins announced that "FEMA commences emergency airlift of crucial beer, wine and liquor supplies to French Quarter."

So with that, we will reprise something we used, just a few weeks ago, to celebrate the Saints ...

Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In

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