Wednesday, October 05, 2005

News In Brief - 5 October 2005

OJ, Vatican Said To Sign Deal, Merge Hunts

O.J. Simpson, coming with the 10th Anniversary of his acquittal on the criminal charges of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, announced he has signed a deal with the Vatican. Simpson was later convicted in civil court on the wrongful death charge counts and has a $33-Million judgment against him.

Simpson has maintained his innocence and, for the past 10-years, has claimed to doggedly pursue the person or persons responsible for the deaths.

A spokesperson for the Vatican later confirmed the arrangement.

Simpson says he will assist the Vatican in their hunt for gay priests, and, in return, the Vatican, with their with their considerable resources, will assist Simpson in his pursuit of the killers.

Earlier this year, Simpson announced that he was outsourcing the job of finding the killers, as a means to be more productive and efficient.

Sources say that it was in this vetting process of hiring a firm that Simpson and the Vatican began their talks. Subsequently, the talks were postponed, due to the death of Pope John Paul II but recently were revived as the anniversary date approached.

Last month, the Vatican announced that the church is now banning gay priests and has formed a posse to visit all churches and seminaries to find and expel such priests.

In a statement released by Simpson, he stated that "be believes the Vatican will be an enormous help and is confident their efforts will be rewarding."

Simpson also said in the statement that "he can spot a gay priest as easy as if someone was handing him a three-dollar-bill."

The Vatican in a brief statement acknowledged their "association with Mr. Simpson" and will bring "all appropriate resources to bear" in assisting him. The also stated that they are giving a special waiver to priest, related to finding the Simpson killers, to "suspend the sacrament of confession" and notify "both Simpson and the appropriate authorities" should a priest hear someone confessing to the killings.

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