Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: New Year's Resolutions President Bush Is Likely To Break

10. Ending the prank calls to Joe and Valerie Wilson from clean phone in Situation Room

9. Giving Press Secretary Scott McClellan accurate information to discuss at briefings

8. Stop picking on Helen Thomas at press conferences and briefings

7. Meet with Cindy Sheehan, in the Oval Office, on live television

6. He'll change the name of RFK Stadium to Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium

5. Will stop being nervous whenever Dick Cheney walks into the room

4. Stop giving No-Bid' contracts to Halliburton

3. Rescind the order to take Jack Abramoff's name out of the White House phone logs

2. Won't order new elections in Iraq if a government is formed that he doesn't like

1. If indicted, he'll drop Karl Rove faster than Apple can issue new iPods

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