Friday, February 24, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Problems With Being A Woman Figure Skater In The Winter Olympics

10. Millions of perverts are downloading your picture for the World Wide Web

9. Can't get Olympic Committee and Federations to go to an "American-Idol" style of voting

8. Scooter Libby is claiming he's too busy? Let him try training for and competing in the Olympics

7. Need to wait until we turn professional to get into the really big bucks

6. What the hell was Bryant Gumble talking about - Don't remember seeing any figure skaters at the GOP Convention

5. Have to put up with Dick Button's gushing

4. The Martha Stewart - Donald Trump feud overshadowed us this week

3. Have to play along with NBC's Bob Costas - Yeah, it's because we're wearing ice skates is why we're taller then him

2. Some of the male figure skaters look better in tights

1. Point deductions for falling down; What the hell do they expect, we're on ice, for Christ's sake

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