Monday, May 01, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: How Josh Bolten Plans On Getting White House’s MoJo Back

News Item: Bolten: White House Must Regain Its 'Mojo'

10. Send Vice President Dick Cheney out hunting again, this time, for some rabbits’ feet

9. Get friend Bo Derek to hang around the White House

8. Like hockey players and their goalie, have staff tap their briefcases against President’s Desk in Oval Office to start each day

7. Have Secret Service change handle for President Bush to "Mr. Mojo Risin"

6. White House has been ‘White” far too long ... Paint it “Neutral Gray”, it’s the “new black”

5. Start posting White House Press Conferences on YouTube

4. President should wear his flight suit to work more often

3. Rally Ties – Mandate all staff to wear their ties backwards until something good happens

2. New Bills by the President will be delivered to Congress via a New Orleans-style Second Line Parade

1. Start spinning that indictments are a good thing and you’re gearing up to go for beating the Nixon Administration’s record

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