Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Problems That May Crop Up With Post Office Issuing A “Forever Stamp”

News Item: Post Office Hopes Idea Of 'Forever Stamp' Sticks

10. Too late for Dan Rostenkowski - If they issued this Forever Stamp 10-years ago, he might still be in office

9. Budding disgruntled postal workers have new reason to go crazy

8. Yeah, but they’ll take forever to deliver it (Actually, no different now, using regular stamps)

7. Global Warming may wipe us out, but Forever Stamps will survive

6. So popular, you’ll wait in line forever to purchase them (Actually, no different than buying regular stamps now)

5. Post Office needs to wait until “Forever Glue” is invented before they can issue stamp

4. At next rate increase, you’ll be looking forever where you stashed them

3. Six retired Postmaster Generals have come out against the idea

2. May have problem with President Bush, who issues Signing Statement that he doesn’t have to use stamps

1. Potential disaster to the Time-Space Continuum – Using the Forever Stamp to mail a package of Twinkies

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