Thursday, May 11, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Signs HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson Is Getting Ready To Cancel Your Contract

News Item: Loyalty Oath?

10. The Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker on your car is against HUD policies

9. Signing on the dotted line also means you’re signing up to go hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney

8. You donated money to Katherine Harris’s campaign

7. Since you speak Spanish, likely, you’ll use the contract money to sneak IIlegal Immigrants into the country

6. You haven’t read any of Ann Coulter’s books

5. NSA reports you have a bookmark in your web browser for the “Thank You Harry Taylor” website

4. Background check reveals that you’ve had lunch with a retired general who has criticized Secretary Rumsfeld

3. You have seen Al Gore’s movie on Global Warming

2. A check of your iPod shows you’ve download the Stephen Colbert video

1. He has the A.C. Neilson reports and mentions how you don’t watch Fox News enough

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