Thursday, June 08, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Some Of The American Values President Bush Wants Immigrants To Adopt

News Item: Bush: Immigrants must adopt U.S. values

10. Remember, when eating out, it’s “Freedom Fries

9. It may be on your Guest Worker Pass Test, if asked, always say that "President Bush has a clear strategy for victory in Iraq"

8. Call for a constitutional amendment on a hot issue, knowing it won’t pass, just to pander to your friends and supporters

7. Good idea to work hard and aspire to getting your own Secret Bunker

6. Be a Decider!

5. If you don’t like something their spouse says or writes, expose them as a covert CIA Agent

4. When you purchase something, put the item in your car, take the receipt back into the store, pick the same item and return it for a refund

3. As often as you can, use Signing Statements to avoid fulfilling your obligations to the Constitution

2. Indecently, and pornographically, insult the widows of Sept. 11th victims

1. If you want to a real, true American, remember to ignore the press and always stand on principle – even if you get indicted

President Bush personally instructs two U.S. Border agents on the questions to ask immigrants crossing the border on what American Values they plan on adopting

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