Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things President Bush Won’t Do “So Long As I Am President”

News Item: Bush Says Iraq Pullout Would Be 'A Disaster'

10. Lay low on the terror alerts, between now and the Midterm Elections

9. Conduct talks directly with Iran and Syria

8. Do any more web searches on AOL

7. Stop trying to spread the seeds of democracy and freedom around the world - or stop talking about it

6. Miss the chance to tie the War On Terrorism with the Cold War by classifying all the strategic weapons in our nuclear arsenal

5. Ever think about criticizing new “Monday Night Football color commentator Tony Kornheiser

4. Why waste a veto - just keep issuing Signing Statements

3. Write a blog ... Like the folks over in Iran

2. Continue linking Iraq with Sept. 11th - Because nobody has ever suggested that the attacks of September 11 were ordered by Iraq

1. Endorse the Republican candidate in the Conneticutt Senator Race - Joe Lieberman is our kind of guy

President Bush says his song won't change, "so long as I am President"

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