Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways White House Will Try To Keep John Bolton At The U.N.

News Item: White House Seeks a Way to Keep Bolton at the U.N.

10. Maybe we can get the judge in Saddam’s trial to throw in that Bolton isn’t a dictator either

9. Get him as a late entry on ‘Dancing With The Stars” and then jam the phones lines in voting to keep him

8. Rally public support for it by saying that Congress is appeasing the terrorists if they don’t approve Bolton’s nomination

7. No problem, just issue a Signing Statement on it

6. Appealing to fiscally-conservative Republicans, say the lease commitments Bolton has made to live in New York would cost too much to break

5. Use the same strategy as finding Osama bin Laden - Ignore him, and he can sit up there for years

4. Hmmm ... Let’s see if Armitage and Novak are up to doing some more leaking

3. Although it would demand a major policy shift, claim Bolton is the the center of the war against terrorism and refuse to change anything

2. Since it seemed to generate some good PR for Tom Cruise, have Bolton apologize to Brooke Shields

1. Whatever we do, keep Bolton away from CNN’s Nancy Grace

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