Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking and Developing News! ABC Fesses Up

Plan For 'Path To 9-11' Is To Launch ‘Dancing With History’ Series

Establish “Dancing” Franchise In Same Vein As CSI, Law and Order; Disney Signs Coulter for New Death Wish Projects

Following a torrent of criticism, both before and after the broadcasting of Part One of their production “Path To 9-11”, ABC President Robert Iger, flanked by executives of parent company, The Disney Company, held a hastily-called news conference this morning defending their actions and dropping a bombshell.

The film, “Path To 9-11” is intended to launch a new series, “Dancing With History”.

Iger stated that a considerable amount of money as been invested in the project, with budgets set for a slate of “Dancing” or “Path” programs.

“The horse is out of the barn,” said Iger, perhaps a wry reference to the measure passed by the Congress last week, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

“We are looking to develop our “Dancing With The Stars” into a foundation franchise for the network,” continued Iger. “Very much in the same vein as CBS has done with their ‘CSI’ programs or NBC with their ‘Law and Order’ franchise.

Criticism surfaced when it came out that much of the focus of the blame for September 11th by the film was being placed on former President Bill Clinton and his administration, notably Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and National Security Advisor Samuel “Sandy” Berger.

Advance preview copies of “Path To 9-11” were sent out in advance to conservative politicians and pundits, yet denied to moderates and liberals, including members of the Clinton Administration, as well as Historians, both liberal and conservative, who have denounced the actions by ABC to produce and broadcast this film, citing the danger in falsifying and distorting history for the sake of drama.

It has also been charged that conservative and evangelical companies were involved in the production of “Path To 9-11”.

ABC and Disney are planning, said Iger, a blitz of major feature films, television “docudramas” and internet movies, as well as cartoons for children, between now and the 2009, looking to offset any gains by Democrats in the House and Senate that may come in this Fall’s Midterm campaigns and perhaps, influence the 2008 Presidential Elections.

Other “Dancing” or “Path” programs said to be in development include;

Path To Watergate: Did The Democrats Set It All Up?

Path To Bay of Pigs: Would The World Be Safer Now If Kennedy Didn’t Get Cold Feet?

Dancing With The Contras: Was Reagan Right All Along?

Special: Dancing With The Swiftboat Veterans

Coulter Gets Backing, Greenlight For New “Death Wish” Project

Also disclosed in the new conference is that Disney has purchased rights to the “Death Wish” movie franchise (five total, as well as numerous copycat films in the same genre), made popular by the late actor Charles Bronson and that the fabled company built by Walt Disney has signed on conservative, and lightening rod, pundit Ann Coulter, to develop and write “Death Wish” projects.

Coulter is reported to be penning a script that includes her fondest dreams - the “fragging” of Congressman John Murtha and the poisoning of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

A Disney spokesperson, when asked about the possible controversy of Coulter’s penchant for plagiarism, he dismissed it, saying that “we’re counting on that ... It will mean money at the box office.”

Others that Disney is considering bringing into the ‘Death Wish” project include Sean Hannity , Rush Limbaugh, and Pat Robertson.

Disney also announced a deal that will have them distributing the new horror movie classic, ”Republicans On A Plane”.

Conservative, and lightening rod, pundit Ann Coulter has been reportedly signed by Disney and ABC, to write for their new “Death Wish” films, as part of the ‘Dancing With History’ project announced today

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