Saturday, January 13, 2007

Of Dead Policies, Boxes in Boxes, Meme's, Links and Lazy Saturday Afternoons ... Around The Garlic Patch

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans

We hope you are all well, as it is a dark, damp, dreary day here in Boston...

Yes, the long-awaited second installment of 'Around The Garlic Patch' and it’s a good one.

For your listening pleasure, about a minute clip of the legandary Bob Dorough, performing 'Lazy Afternoon'

First up is a devastatingly hilarious take-off on our current Court-Appointed President, from Martin Lewis, a British-born, Hollywood-based humorist, commentator, producer and radio host, that was on The Huffington Post earlier this week. Check it out and be prepared to laugh heartily

Bush Meets Monty Python!

Martin Lewis Website

One of the, perhaps, handful (at most) funny bits on Saturday Night Live this season was a video musical spoof of boy bands by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, titled "A Special Christmas Box". Naturally, the broadcast bleeped out the rather descriptive word of the bit (you can see it unedited with the link below).

Coming along very recently, from a few people in Philadelphia was an equally, if not more so, satire of the original spoof, from "Bunny", singing "My Box In A Box", which has drawn nearly a million hits on YouTube, as well as flooding the performers' on-line accounts (MySpace, etc) with emails and such.

Last evening, on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, our intrepid anchor-hero had the exclusive of the day - an interview, with the behind-the-story telling of "My Box In A Box" with, not one, but two "Bunnies" ... Links below to all of it ...

Bunny Comes Out of Her Box

Another LonelyGirl? "Box In A Box" Star Actually A Whole Bunch Of People

SNL - Digital Short - A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve

My box in a box

A rather interesting Meme is making its way around the World Wide Web and was discovered over at Michael Stickings fine blog, The Reaction... Check it out and have some fun with it ...


Lastly, we've added some new links, including Red State Son and the Assimilated Press, so scroll down the right column and feast with the entry keys to a wide range of good info ...

Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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