Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Bush Theme Song - Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap

In our Court-Appointed President’s speech last evening, that Howard Fineman of Newsweek characterized as "George W. Bush spoke with all the confidence of a perp in a police lineup ...”, the only thing lacking, beyond a strategy, new plan or announcement of bringing the troops home, was a soundtrack.

There he was, in the White House library, the same one used by a past, and a far greater President, who was saddled with a genuine World War, not of his choosing, standing stiff as board and sounding like guilty teenager giving is father (or Higher Father) a convoluted, and unconvincing, line of bullshit about how the dents got in the family car.

So, as we have done in the past, The Garlic provides our misguided and deluded Commander-In-Chief a tune to commemorate his officially choosing to escalate the Iraq Occupation, as opposed to listening to his Congress, his fellow citizens and much of the world, to wind down and pack it in.

We choose for this special occasion, from ‘’Oklahoma”, the classic standard, “Surry, With The Fringe On Top.

Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap

When I take you out, tonight, with me,
Honey, here's the way it's goin' to be:
You will set behind a team of snow white Humvees,
In the slickest surge you ever see!

Sunnis and Shias and Insurgents better scurry
When I launch that surge in a very quick hurry,
When I take you out to Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!

Watch the Left and see how it flutters
When I drive them high steppin' Army motha;s .
Nosey pokes'll peek thru' their shutters and their eyes will pop!

The Dems are yeller, their Speakers’ a clown,
Their 100-hours won’t hold together
With policies you can tear right down,
In case there's dissent, they’ll change like the weather.

Two bright strategies winkin' and blinkin',
Ain't no finer Prez is what I'm a-thinkin'
You c'n keep your Bills and your cut-and-run crap
Fer that shiny, little Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!

All the worlds’ humming a dirge
For my latest and greatest last minute surge,
When I take you out to Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!

When we hit that Evil Axis, hell fer leather,
and Saudis’ dance in the heather,
and Jordan will sing all together and stand to clap!

The bombs'll whistle as we rattle along,
The clerics'll boo running for cover,
The river will ripple with bullets flying strong,

And whisper it over and over:
Don't you wisht y'd go on forever?
Don't you wisht y'd go on forever?
Don't you wisht y'd go on forever as an unending flap
That shiny, little Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!

I can see the Dems gettin' blurry,
When we create that Democracy flurry
Drivin' slowly home in Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!

I can feel Jack Murtha gettin' older,
Pelosi a sleepy head on his shoulder,
Noddin', droopin' till their treasonous speech falls kerplop!

The Math is smearin’ the Dems on the Hill;
And Kennedy is takin' a header
And jist as I'm thinkin' it took all my great skill,
A public'll wake up for the better.

Hush, you Freak Show, the Dem's a-sleepin'!
Maybe they got a dream worth a-keepin'
Whoa! you Neocons and jist keep a-creepin' at a slow loud yap.
Don't you hurry that Baghdad, With The Surge On Tap!


Listen to a clip of “Surry, With The Fringe On Top” from the soundtrack

Video of legendary Jazz singer Blossom Dearie performing “Surry, With The Fringe On Top”

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