Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Katie Couric Could Have Made The Edwards Interview Better

News Item: Et tu, Katie Couric?

10. Cooking - Get the Edwards to whip up some of their favorite dishes

9. Twisting her face with empathy, show the Edwards her video of getting a colonoscopy

8. More confrontational - For their decision to move forward with the campaign, attack the Edwards as being "glib"

7. Always a ratings-grabber - Complete makeover for Elizabeth Edwards

6. Pose the question that "Some people" feared the 60-Minutes signature ticking TAG Heuer stopwatch would "creep them out"

5. Could have brought out Mr. Gadget, to show off all the cool new medical devices

4. With that piercing faux sincerity, ask the Edwards if they blame their bloggers for the new bout of cancer

3. Ask Elizabeth Edwards if she thinks her cancer is the bad karma for her husband voting for the Iraq War

2. Live segment, with Edwards on the campaign trail, billed as "Where In The World Is John Edwards"

1. Why, what a coincidence ... Rush Limbaugh just happens to be in the studio, to tape another 'Free Speech" segment

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