Sunday, April 22, 2007

Move Over Fonzie, McCain Wants A Crack At That Shark ... The Results - The Garlic Weekly Poll

Arthur Fonzarelli, move over, you have company.

Quite the spirited week of voting this past week, on The Garlic's Weekly Poll. Our voters believe that Senator, and Presidential Candidate, John McClain (R-AZ) has jumped the shark.

Maybe he's a maverick or maybe he's now just mush, McCain is freefalling in his bid for the GOP nomination, which Newsweek noted last week in 'McCain's Meltdown'.

Money woes has him trailing two other candidates and he remains attached to President Bush's Iraq freefall, including penning an Op-Ed to keep hold of his grip on that free fall

Then came the stroll, his jumping the shark moment, which McCain has exacerbated by pulling a "my sister-my-daughter" on.

And now he's singing little ditties that only cause him to spend more time pulling his foot out of his mouth.

In any case, it sure is going to fun watching him campaign. All the snippiness, the boiling rage just barely kept in check.

Stay tuned as McCain, likely, hasn't finished jumping over sharks just yet.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll April 15 - April 21, 2007

Despite his absurd and misleading statements about conditions in Iraq, and his third-place, 1st Quarter fund-raising finish, Senator John McCain's meltdown won't be complete until ....

1. He goes water skiing, wearing a leather jacket Tally 32%

2. Turns the Straight Talk Express bus into a mobile casino to help raise campaign cash Tally 29%

3. Relaunches his campaign, using John Ashcroft's' "When Eagles Soar" as his new theme song (with Ashcroft appearing to sing it live) Tally 20%

4. Starts campaigning, accompanied by 100 Soldiers, 3 Blackhawks helicopters and 2 Apache Gunships Tally 19%

This week’s Poll - With the disastrous appearance and testimony of Crony General Alberto Gonzales last week, the White House, likely, has a short list of replacements for when Gonzales, either voluntarily, or is forced, resigns (assuming he isn't indicated beforehand)

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