Monday, April 23, 2007

Retro Garlic ... Bonds Bashing and Landis Landing ... In The Lab ... Again

Not a dead-on retro look but pretty darn close ....

We have the Steroid Boys back in the news today, as the San Francisco Steroid Slugger is closing in on Hank Aaron's homerun record, while the Cycling Steroid Man is trying to close the door, as he is back testing positive - again.

Bonds hits No. 740, now 15 shy of tying Aaron

Landis Tests Positive on Follow-Up Tests

And on The Garlic last August ...

Breaking News! ... Baseball Bombshell Expands Steroid Scandal; Giants’ Bonds Tests Positive For Landis Testosterone; Cyclist Said To Be Kingpin Of Lucrative Doping Ring, Selling His Own DNA

Stay Tuned ... It ain't over until the fat (by way of steroids) lady sings

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