Friday, June 29, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things To Do While Waiting In Line To Buy The New iPhone

News Item: Eager iPhone buyers line up

10. Boast how the first thing you're going to download is the great Paris Hilton CD

9. Start a rumor that you're going to have to download all your calls with the new iPhone

8. Daydream of winning the Pro Video-Game League Championship Gaming Series, the special iPhone division

7. Practice writing a forward for Donald Rumsfeld's new book

6. Take a poll of how many people in line believe in the Theory of Evolution

5. Move up at least six places in line, after your break out your lunch of Imported Seafood from China

4. Remark how timely the new iPhone is - That you'll be able to watch Dennis Miller on his new Game Show Network show on it

3. Think about how you can track how many times President Bush uses "al Qaeda" in a speech

2. Plan to email Mitt Romney that, with the new iPhone, he can attach a video camera on the roof of his car and monitor his dog with the iPhone on his next trip

1. Poll others standing in line to see if anyone's going to the Star Trek Convention later this year


Even Apple's co-founder is standing in line for an iPhone

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