Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Three For The Taking Today ... The Foreign Policy Brouhaha

Hmmm ... This may just have to become a regular feature to offer our faithful readers ....

It was one of those posts, that had a number of links that lead to other great posts, filling in and expanding the context, further showing what an utter disaster the Bush Grindhouse has visited upon our country, and the rest of the world.

We point you first to Glenn Greenwald's "The foreign policy community", illustrating how all the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds that have led us into the horrible invasion and occupation of Iraq, and who continue to sing the praises of it, are the same ones attempting to control the discussion on our future foreign policy.

Which, of course, touches on the live wire shooting off sparks from Senator Barak Obama's comments the past few days, as to how he would conduct U.S. Foreign Policy, and the War On Terrorism, that has been amplified in the past few Democrat Candidate debates.

Greenwald offers the link to a The Atlantic post that contains a memo from Samantha Power, the Founding Executive Director, Harvard University Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, firmly standing behind Obama in her missive titled "Re: Conventional Washington versus the Change We Need" and Powers hits it out-of-the-park reaffirming the above-referenced disaster.

Greenwald then closes it out with an "Update", asking "Where was the Foreign Policy Community -- our establishment "scholars" -- when all of this was happening?", which leads to a great Digby post "The Banality Of Dick Cheney's Evil" and yet another sizzling indictment of the current foreign policy.

After reading these, you don't have get a brain cramp, wondering why an awful lot of people around the world don't like us very much.

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