Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mirror, Mirror .. If Only Keith Olbermann Offered A "Sickest Person In The World", Sighs Michelle Maudlin, "I Would Surely Be The Sickest"

Do you like children?
Only if they are properly cooked ...
Boy, what I would pay to have W.C. Fields weigh in on this one.

The Rightwing Freakshow, led by the sludge-dwelling Michelle Maudlin, who, if Keith Olbermann offered a "Sickest Person In The World" rather then just the worst, M-Squared would win it in a landslide, are, mercilessly, attacking a 12-year-old child.

There is a full-fledged conflagration raging on in the blogosphere, over Graeme Frost, the above-referenced child, injured in an automobile accident and medically served by the very same SCHIP program (State Children's Health Insurance Program) The Decider Guy vetoed last week.

Young Master Frost was chosen by the Democrats to offer the rebuttal to The Decider Guy's radio address, in which in announced his veto, of the bill which had bipartisan support.

Officials are now viewing security camera footage around the radio station Frost gave his speech at, to see exactly where the big red bullseye was painted on the youngster.

Healthy debated over policy, and even budget, regarding health care, fine.

Attacking and smearing the boy, his family and even, as M-Squared did, going to his house, and the business of his parents to snoop and pry ... And not doing this out of concern for the boy or his family, but merely to discredit them ...

That is just plain, outright, sick ...

And it's not the first time M-Squared , an Asian-American who wrote a book defending and endorsing the Internment policy during World War II, has acted so recklessly and immorally.

So, Michelle Maudlin, confident of Mr. Olbermann's endorsement, I borrow from his program to announce "Michelle Maudlin ... The Sickest Person in the Worrrrrrrld!"

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