Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mirror, Mirror ... She's Still The Sickest! ... But The Bush Grindhouse Is Gaining Ground ... Follow-Up On The Graeme Frost Conflagration

The battle of bullshit continues ...

And it gets sicker ...

The stalker-harasser, self-anointed healthcare insurance inspector, M-Squared continues to bang her obnoxious drum on the 12-year-old Graeme Frost, and his family, proudly flapping her excrement-spewing lips on her response to a NYT reporter, still screaming at this horrible injustice, symbolizing the decline of the country due to the entitlement-hording Frost Family, and, ready for this, yelping that she, and the rest of the Rightwing Freakshow, are being victimized by the well-deserved blowback of these cretins attacking a child.

But her coveted "Sickest Person in the Worrrrrrrld!" title is being seriously challenged by, none other, than the Bush Grindhouse.

As the flames of this hate-filled vitriol lick at the Frost Family, the Compassionate Conservative, The Decider Guy, has, once again, demonstrated his uncanny skills of failed leadership.

Rather than sitting back (perhaps laying out the spin on the Osama bin Laden videotape leak), apparently relishing the work of the Rightwing Freakshow (and M-Squared) in battering this family (Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated he was "relieved" his office didn't denounce the family - Way to step up there Mitch, really putting yourself on the line) it was a moment that called for a real president, a real leader, to step to the podium and repute the red hot, partisan bullshit, lay down the law (for a change, instead of subverting it) to lay off the family, further pointing out the sickness of attacking children for solely political purpose.

But not a word was issued.

Sigh ... The folly of my thinking ... To expect this, from a President who allowed his staff to leak the identity of a covert CIA agent - for mere political purpose ... Why would I possible think he would step up to stop the bashing of a young child?

M-Squared doesn't show signs that she will relinquish her crown, so, for The Commander Guy, he'll have to settle for "Sickest President in the Worrrrrrrld!"

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If Lt. Barney Greenwald (from 'The Caine Mutiny') ever met M-Squared;

"I wanna drink a toast to you, Ms. Malkin. From the beginning you hated the Frosts. And then you thought up this whole idea and you managed to keep your skirts nice and starched and clean, even in the smearing and stalking. Mitch McConnell will always be remembered as a mutineer. But you, you'll publish your novel, you'll make a million bucks, you'll marry a big movie star, and for the rest of your life you'll live with your conscience, if you have any. Here's to the real author of the Frost Smear. Here's to you, Ms. Malkin."

(Greenwald then splashes a drink in Malkin's face)

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Thanks4theadd said...

I followed this link (from Salon) to try and learn something about the admin response to this ugliness that the right have been spewing, but you spent so much time and energy threading your story with invective, insults, etc, that I lost patience. Couldn't find the story through all the "I AM SO DISGUSTED BY THESE THUGS AND THEIR EVILDOING WAYS" etc. If your point's a good one, which it may well be, it doesn't need all that aggravated rhetorical help.