Monday, October 22, 2007

On Colbert & Russert: "The citizens of Dresden didn't endure as much of a bombing as this"

Colbert may be thinking about changing his name, once again, this time to Col-Boring!

It was pretty brutal, almost to the point of having to reevaluate Rich Little's WHCA Dinner disaster (at least, being thankful that Little Timmy Russert didn't interview Rich as part of the act)

It was complete with awkward pauses, and awkward glances ... The longer it went on, leaving you on edge, and sickened, as if watching some of the Bush Grindhouse's non-torture, torture practices.

We're talking about, of course, yesterday's 'Meet The Press', where the final segment of the show had Little Timmy Russert interviewing faux presidential candidate (who is also a faux news anchor/host) Stephen Colbert.

Now, Colbert has built himself a good gig and continues to inject humor, at times, into his one-joke act.

This "running for president" thing, though, is all about selling - what a surprise - a new book, written by - oh no, another surprise - Stephen Colbert.

And even Colbert himself must know that this thing went old about 10-minutes after he announced it, being he is only running in one state (his home of South Carolina; And he's running on both the Republican and Democratic ballots, apparently, to extend the joke).

But people are taking polls, and taking measure on his electoral chances.

In case you missed it, just above;

This "running for president" thing is all about selling - what a surprise - a new book, written by - oh no, another surprise - Stephen Colbert.

As the great satirist Barry Crimmins noted last week, on comedians running for President, or other elective office, "It's been done".

But the MTP bomb ... Phew ... I supposed we should be grateful that Little Timmy didn't book him for the entire hour.

God, drill my teeth, without Novocain, in the middle of an insurance underwriters convention.

And to be fair to Colbert, Little Timmy was as much the culprit, with attempting to adopt the same persona as Colbert in which to interview this faux candidate.

Which is most ironic, being that, when Little Timmy is in his own persona, week-after-week, he, pretty much, is a softball-throwing, vice-presidential-favorite, faux newsman anyway.

The citizens of Dresden didn't endure as much of a bombing as this.

Over-the-top, you say?

Russert droned on with an absolutely, going-nowhere Sesame Street riff, complete with holding up a Ernie doll;
"He and Mr. Russert went round and round about his name, too, in one of the wilder moments when Mr. Russert held up a Sesame Street character and asked Mr. Colbert (who now pronounces his name Col-bair rather than his family’s pronunciation of Col-burt) to identify the other half of (fill-in-the blank) and Ernie. And Mr. Russert kept it up, asking why then he shouldn’t pronounce his own name as Russ-air."

How about 'Russ-Rear", as in a horse's ass.

And Stephen ... You don't need MTP ... You have your own show, five nights a week ... You want to sell a book, fine ... Wear a sandwich-board sign ... Or next time, go on Oprah ...

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