Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overhead While The Nobel Peace Prize Committee Reviewed Rush Limbaugh's Nomination

News Item: Limbaugh Had Himself Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Now Is in a Snit of Jealousy over Gore’s Win

10. Is he the one that wears the eye patch? ... No .. No ... That's that other foul-mouth cretin

9. His application says "Radio Host" ... I thought he wrote racist songs?

8. There's pages-and-pages of testimonials ... What's a "Dittohead"?

7. I think we should send him a phony Nobel Peace Prize

6. Look at this thing ... Is this guy on drugs?!

5. Do we have any other candidates who also submitted their police mug shot?

4. He lists, under Biggest Hope, "To see a black quarterback in the NFL succeed on his own merits"

3. Didn't he mock that actor? ... Michael J. Fox and his illness?

2. Is he the one that Geraldo Rivera is going to spit on?

1. Hmmm ... Accomplishments ... Gore ... Limbaugh ... Wasn't one of these guys a Vice President over in America?

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Anonymous said...

If you have not read it you really should. Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot is factual, hilarious and a great read. Give it a go. Viva Quebecoise!