Sunday, November 11, 2007

Something Rudy II ... Endorsements, Plugs, Unplugs and An Accolade (of sorts)

Perhaps, future political science courses may point to this past week of Rudy 9-11's campaign as the type of 1-2-disasters future candidates will want to avoid.

We speak of course of the curse-throwing, world-leader-hitman-wannabe Pat Robertson's endorsement, and the indictment of his crime-fighting Robin, Bernie Kerik.

And it had to be just a coincidence (wink, wink) that today, the Boston Globe, in their "series of occasional articles examining the 2008 candidates for president" features Mr. 9-11, in "Defining moments | Rudy Giuliani; Skills at ready when crisis struck", of which Jeralyn Merritt, over on TalkLeft, offers the choice excerpts in her "Rudy Unplugged".

But Rudy doesn't come away, completely, with a goose egg ... He does win an accolade, (of sorts), from Barry Crimmins, and it's the line-of-the-day;

" ...Giuliani now edges out Don Imus for the worst sidekick named "Bernard."
We shouldn't be surprised if it leaks out that Rudy threw his high-heel pumps across the room in frustration.

Bonus Rudy Riffs

Fred Kaplan/Slate - The Man Who Knows Too Little; What Rudy Giuliani's greedy decision to quit the Iraq Study Group reveals about his candidacy.

Attytood: Strange bedfellows: Robertson wanted to assassinate one of Giuliani's lobbying clients

Something Rudy

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Phyllis said...

What an insult to Bernard McGuirk! -- Imus's Bernie could whip Guilliani's Bernie with his eyes closed and both hands tied behind his back.