Saturday, November 17, 2007

Barry Crimmins Is Rolling ... Snake Eyes!

While the MSM (and a good chunk of the blogosphere) is all atwitter with "Diamonds and Pearls", from the CNN Democratic Debate the other night (brought to you by CNN - The Most Trusted Name in Vetted News), our favorite satirist, Barry Crimmins, was perusing other sections of the jewelry store.

And, if you are a Hillary Clinton (or Barack Obama) fan ... Ouch!

Crimmins wasted no time cutting through the glitz;

"The media watched, too, and is trumpeting word that Hillary Clinton got tough and put away her opponents. All I saw was Clinton turn on a fog machine whenever things got anywhere near specific and occasionally call anyone who criticized her a de facto Republican. But since the earth didn't crack open and suck her into a flaming abyss as she woodenly delivered gag-inducing lines like "I'm not playing, as some people say, the gender card here in Las Vegas. I'm just trying to play the winning card." the corporate media wags are again crowning her as invincible and inevitable."
Or this;
"On a night when her strategy was to call any critic a dirty Republican, the crowd booed and hissed several times when such criticism arose. In post-debate analysis, the talking heads respectfully discussed Hillary's tough rejoinders and then they noted the crowd's vocal disrespect to Clinton criticism. They treated these two things as separate and organic events. Then an ad came on for a fishing pole the size of a pen and we were supposed to buy that, too."
Crimmins lays it down on Hillary and, you can't say you didn't see the signs, or that you weren't warned.

Read Barry Crimmins' "Snake Eyes" or be prepared to settle for what you end up with in November 2008

Oh yeah, as to the Man from Illinois?
"But enough Hillary. Senator Obama carried a few billion gallons of polluted water for his corporate bosses to Las Vegas and it's a feat that shouldn't be overlooked."
I'm tempted to quote more, but it will read much better if you do it yourself ...

Great, on-the-money, stuff here ...

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