Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comics Come Home Xlll Review, From The Optimistic Curmudgeon

Meet The Optimistic Curmudgeon.

The Garlic wants to hip you to The Optimistic Curmudgeon, otherwise know as Nick Zaino, freelance writer extraordinaire, and pounding the Comedy and Stand-Up Comedy beat for 'The Boston Globe" (and a person who "enjoys declarative sentences".)

And, if you are a Dennis Leary fan, you're in luck, as TOC has an extensive review of the event, which took place last week here in Boston.

Most of Leary’s ire Saturday was directed at celebrities and senators. Amy Winehouse and Larry Craig both had their images shown on two giant screens as Leary blurted his immediate thoughts, a burst of sunshine, as usual. The high/low point came when Leary showed an infamous paparazzi photo of Britney Spears getting out of her limo sans undies, with a star over the naughty bits. Leary asked the screen operators to show the picture uncensored, after which a picture of Bobby Brown came up on the screen. Just when you thought it was safe, there was the pic, uncensored, about twenty feet high. “That’s actual size, by the way,” Leary commented.
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