Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: How The Amazon Kindle Can Effect The Legal World

News Item: Introducing Amazon Kindle - Revolutionary Portable Reader Lets Customers Wirelessly Download Books in Less Than a Minute and Automatically Receive Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs

10. If Casablanca were being made now, Rick Blaine would have copied the Letters of Transit into The Kindle to hide them from the Nazis

9. Bigger Legal Fees - Divorces will now become more contentious, with the fight over who gets to keep The Kindle

8. Witnesses will start hearing "Raise your right hand and place your left hand on The Kindle ..."

7. Should cut down on jail breaks - Pretty tough to hide a pick or file inside a Kindle

6. If The Monotones were around now, they might be suing someone for the illegal downloading of "Who Wrote The Kindle of Love"

5. You could bet that Perry Mason would trap someone in a lie, based on something to do with The Kindle

4. The Scopes Trial - If it was taking place now, Clarence Darrow would stun the court by having a monkey work The Kindle

3. The Paper Chase - none of the students would be intimidated by Professor Kingsfield - They'd have all the Wildy's on The Kindle

2. Judges and District Attorneys are going to have to learn how to say "We're gonna throw the Kindle at you"

1. Hawaii 5-0 would see McGarrett barking "Kindle'em Dano"

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