Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Holiday ... However You Celebrate it!

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Well, we wrote a post early this morning and, in looking at again this evening, it wasn't up to snuff.

Too much rant, not enough satire, so I shelved it and will see if it can be salvaged for a Friday, or weekend post.

So, rather than leave a day barren, allow me to wish all our readers and visitors a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

Whether you eat turkey, or tofu, get up early for a high school football, or nod off in front of the tube during the 1st Quarter of the traditional Dallas game ... If you're serving needy people in a shelter, or being served by kind, generous, unselfish folk ... If you're out protesting the innumerable things that need protesting, or having to deal with a 3-year-old boycotting your famous green bean dish, take a moment and be thankful you can be where you are, and do what you do ...

Be it loving friends and family, a simplicity of a hot meal, or just the blessing of good health, everyone has something to be thankful for ...

Have a great day!

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