Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Bunting and Chalk Outlines ... It's Weekend at Rudy's

Oh, this is going to be so fun to watch.

Both Steve Benen, over on The Carpetbagger Report, and Greg Sargent, on TalkingPointsMemo's 'The Horse's Mouth', have excellent posts detailing the nations top tier "journalists", yesterday, on Meet The Press, lead by Little Timmy Russert, in going out of their way not to criticize America's 911 Mayor.

Misleading statistics were presented and, astonishingly, it appears this assembled mass of alleged reporters are going to wait, if at all, to begin looking into Ms. Rudy;

"If he is the nominee, time will begin again, the morning after. We will begin to explore the New York record, and debate it and discuss it in a way that we haven't so far."
So, their giving him a pass, until "he is the nominee".

Here's a big problem, beyond the obvious one of them continuing in their stenographer/lap dog ways;

The candidacy of America's 911 Mayor is dead!

The chalk outline is there, and the black bunting is on order, but It just may be awhile before the police and medical examiner get to the body.

That's due to the GOP/RNC getting into show business, running a casting cattle-call for the star who can "beat Hillary"".

And, they've decided on a national, dinner theatre production of "Weekend at Rudy's", with the party and the handlers propping up a dead body, all in the hope they can fool the masses that this is their guy.

If it hasn't happened already, ticket sales are beginning to sink, largely due to the party ignoring the two, bigger shows that have opened, and promise to be far more entertaining and engaging.

We speak, of course, of the one-man show, "Bernie Kerik - This Is Your Life" and the Judith Regan revival, "The Book Publisher Always Rings Twice".

We could say something about "The Great White Way" being lit up, but we run the risk of the Rightwing Freakshow taking it as a slap at the legacy of Ronald Reagan's racist policies.

But stay tuned.

All three shows are being run on both free and cable television, and while America's 911 Mayor says he doesn't comment on gossip, the reviews on his performance will be coming in at a steady stream.

That is, until the police and medical examiner show up to take the body.

It may then all switch over to Court TV, when it shifts into "Weekend at Rudy's II"

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