Monday, December 10, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is My Presidential Pardon

It would appear the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is placing his chips on "Presidential Pardon", with the news today that, despite continuing to claim his innocence, he is ending the appeal of his trial, leaving him, for the time being, a convicted felon.

In all likelihood, that was the deal from the beginning, but, considering the mental capacity of The Decider Guy, does he even remember The Scooter Guy?

Especially after, earlier this summer, he offered "I'm aware of the fact that perhaps somebody in the administration did disclose the name of that person ..."

Did Cheney have those CIA guys erase his memory as well?

Does Scooter get his Christmas stocking stuffed with a Presidential Pardon?

Is this Scooter's powerplay, to force the hand that will sign the pardon?

With the blizzard of new scandals that whacked the Bush Grindhouse in the past week - take your pick; A) the still-growing CIA Videotape erasure, B) The Iran NIE Report C) Sheldon Whitehouse's yeoman work in exposing the self-appointed rulings, declaring The Decider Guy, well, the real Decider Guy, as whatever he says is the law, is the law - is The Scooter getting nervous that something could happen - yes, the "I" word - comes down, before January 20th, 2009, killing off his going-out-the-door pardon?

Is this pressure from Darth Vader, that, perhaps, the device inside his chest is in it's last throes and he wants to see his little Robin (Ehhh, scratch that - the thought of Cheney and Libby in tights ... Nasty), free-and-clear while he's still ticking?

This oughta' put a few talking heads to work over the next few weeks.

Everybody can synchronize their watches, for the Libby Pardon Clock is, officially, set today.

Mary Matalin must be busy, drafting up those new fundraising letters, and urging all those Friends of Scooter, to start badgering The Decider Guy to make the only decision they know in their hearts should be made - Pardon our Little Scooter!

And, for all of you waiting to hear The Scooter, or The Bush Grindhouse, spill their guts, now that the appeal process is over, think again.

There's still the matter of Valerie Plame's possible lawsuit and, no doubt, they will continue to clam-up, citing that "litigation", if the Wilson's can revive their case, after it was thrown out last summer.

Still, it would make for entertaining viewing, to see a subpoenaed Scooter, sitting in front a Congressional Committee, displaying his deep dedication to public service, by taking the 5th, over-and-over. A veritable civics lesson for the cable news and C-Span viewers.

Scooter must be banking on that The Commander Guy has a Santa suit hanging in the closet, perhaps, right next to his Mission Accomplished" flightsuit.

Valerie Plame, covert CIA agent exposed, to punish her Iraq War-critical, Op-Ed-writing husband, and no one goes to jail for treason?

Sounds like another Bush Grindhouse "Mission Accomplished" to me.

It's Another Scooterpalooza!

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