Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things President Bush Wants To Put In The Economic Stimulus Package

News Item: Tentative Deal Reached on Economic Stimulus Package; Most Workers Would Receive at Least $300 Tax Rebate

10. Autographed pictures, of him, in his flightsuit

9. Even though it has nothing to do with Sept. 11th, a proclamation, urging everyone to "Go Shopping!"

8. Immunity for the Telecommunications companies, just in case the Democrats don't cave on the FISA Bill

7. An advertising insert, when the $300 Rebate checks are mailed, asking for it to be donated to his Presidential Library

6. New law, banning anyone receiving a Rebate check from donating it to Americans United for Change, and their anti-Bush campaign

5. An Amazon Kindle, so everyone can download his "Ek-A-Lec-Tic" Reading List

4. An RFP, seeking anyone that can help them find the missing White House emails

3. Sneak in an amendment, that will stimulate, at least, one person - Scooter Libby's Pardon

2. Stipulation, that Rebates paid out in those New Bush Coins

1. A Signing Statement, banning the word "Recession", backed by heavy fines and jail time

Bonus "It's Not A Recession" Recession Articles

Robert B. Reich: The politics of an economic nightmare; No U.S. leader wants to admit how bad the damage may get from the one-two punch of the credit crunch and housing slump

Goldman Sachs sees recession in 2008

Paul Krugman: Stimulus disappointment

Danny Schechter: Subprime or Subcrime? Time To Investigate and Prosecute

Kevin A. Hassett: 5 Myths About That Depressing R-Word

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