Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Romps ... And, Gloria Borger, with The Best Political Team on Television, Sticks Her Neck Out

I have no intention of waiting until tomorrow, when a transcript may, or may not appear.

In our channel-hopping this evening, catching up on the talking heads of CNN and MSNBC, on yet another Barack Obama Evening, the Senator from Illinois running his winning streak to 8, sweeping Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Obama just didn't sweep the evening, he thumped, trashed, drubbed and routed Hillary this evening, particularly in Virginia.

From Chris Cillizza, of The Washington Post;

"Virginia was the state in which Clinton had hoped to perform beyond modest expectations. With nearly 90 percent of all precincts reporting in Virgina, Obama led Clinton, 63 percent to 36 percent."

So, and it was somewhere between 8:00-8:30PM that I switched from MSNBC to CNN - The Best Political Team on Television.

How do we know this?

Wolf Blitzer, himself, told us so.

And it's on their websites - Best Political Podcast and more from The Best Political Team.

So, there was the ubiquitous Blizter, prowling around the set that had more big screen monitors than the Consumer Electronics Show, orchestrating the news, standing, with his back to the camera, as John King worked his Colorforms screen of the State of Virginia, virtually marking individual voters in each and every county.

Time to throw it over to "the panel" which consisted of Jeffrey Toobin and Gloria Borger.

Yes, that Gloria Borger, the one Glenn Greenwald noted;

"Gloria Borger of U.S. News and World Report is perfectly representative of the establishment media pundit. She possesses in great abundance the most common attribute which defines them -- namely, there is never an original thought that comes out of her mouth."

And that Gloria Borger, as Crooks and Liars caught on a good one;
"Gloria thinks that because “nobody wants to see the President accused of lying” over a leak that was really just a “technicality” anyway that we ought to just wait until Bush writes his memoir to find out the truth (I’m so not kidding. I wish I were) about whatever happened because really “nobody cares anymore.”

So, how did Gloria Borger distinguish herself this evening, on the field of The Best Political Team on television?

With the toss from Wolf, after noting Barack Obama's huge victory in Virginia, and the continued winning streak from the weekend, Gloria, like the good talking head pundit she is, courageously went out on a limb;

"I think we have the beginning of real momentum", she said of Obama

Beginning of real momentum?

Good thing Borger wasn't a sport reporter in 1941, she might have waited to laud Joe DiMaggio, on his way to the still-standing record of a 56-Game hitting streak, until hit 44 or 45, perhaps offering that "I think he might be hitting the ball pretty good".

Or that she wasn't a race track announcer in 1973, calling the Belmont Stakes, or she may have noted that Secretariat was "running pretty good" on his way to the Triple Crown, and an astounding, unbelievable 31-length victory

Boy, if this is "The Best Political Team on Television", I better lock my television on CNN, lest I go through the rest of the campaign benighted, adrift and totally out-of-touch on what's going on.

I can now go out tomorrow, with the valuable insight of Gloria Borger, and boast to people that Obama is at "the beginning of real momentum".

I don't know if I can sleep tonight, I feel so excited with all this knowledge, from Gloria Borger, and "The Best Political Team on television".

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